Safety & Security

Our safety/security mirrors are made with 1/8″ thick shatterproof acrylic. Acrylic mirrors are recommended for 90% of all applications. These materials are far superior to glass mirrors for several reasons.

  • Clarity – The optics of Acrylic are almost identical. Typically, Acrylic has a 20% brighter image than glass
  • Resistance to breakage – Acrylic is 10-14 times more resistant to breakage than glass.
  • Light Weight – Acrylic is less than half the weight of glass making it less expensive to ship and easier to install.
  • Safety – Acrylic protects bystanders from injury. Even when subjected to high impact blows, acrylic (unlike glass) breaks into large, dull edged pieces that disperse at a low velocity. All mirrors meet OSHA safety requirements.