3M Protecta Tripod Storage Bag

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3M Protecta Tripod Storage Bag

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Part # FPAK067A

Protecta Confined Space Tripod Storage Bag

The Protecta FPAK067A is a convenient accessory for the storage and transportation of your Protecta FPAK105A confined space tripod

The use of confined space retrieval tripods is relatively inexpensive compared to some other solutions, however they can be a handful to carry and store. Keeping the legs together on the truck is sometimes a challenge. This nylon bag has a full length zipper closure for easy loading.

The size is 75 in. x 12 in. and holds a fully retracted tripod. The nylon is fairly durable, though over time the sharp edges of the feet may work their way through. Protect your tripod investment with this handy carrying case.


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