Capstone Face Shield/Goggle

Capstone Face Shield/Goggle

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Pyramex Capstone Goggles w/Face Shield

  • Give yourself full facial protection with the Pyramex Capstone Goggles w/ Face Shield.
  • Ideal for hazardous lab or work tasks, the Pyramex GG504TSHIELD Full Face Shield gives you complete protection any time there’s a chance of chemical splash or flying debris or particles.
  • The ratcheting facial shield can be raised or lowered as desired, with three positions; indirect air vents let you breathe easily while still offering full protection.
  • The Pyramex Capstone Shield comes with two tear-off replaceable visors; additional visors can be purchased separately.
  • The goggle portion is a standard Pyramex GG504T Capstone Goggle, with optically correct cylinder lens that is coated for fog-free protection.
  • For full protection in the laboratory, industrial job sites and more, count on the Pyramex Capstone Face Shield & Goggles.
  • Gray frame, Clear Anti-fog



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