Safe-T-Strap High Rise Anchor Strap

Safe-T-Strap High Rise Anchor Strap


Part # FPSTSHR01


High Rise Fall Protection

High rise safety straps are an important tool for contractors working on commercial buildings. This high rise fall protection application is composed of a D-ring attached to a web strap with a loop stitched into the other end, and a protective sleeve.

The user simply slides the loop over a rebar of shear wall. Once installed, the floor continues to be formed, and the high rise safety strap is firmly secured by pouring concrete over the protective sleeve.

The high rise safety strap can also provide high rise fall protection by being looped around a rebar dowel projection where there is a specific attachment point needed.

This equipment clearly provides adjustable safety features for workers, while remaining easy-to-use and speedy to install. Please look below for its applications and specifications.

High Rise Fall Protection Application and Specifications:

  • Used For: Cast in Place, Tapcon & Block Installation, High Rise and Concrete Applications.
  • Item No. HR-01 with D-ring
  • Approx 4 feet in length
  • 12 pieces per box.
  • Can be manufactured in different lengths.
  • This product is certified to CSA Standard Z259.11-05 as Web Lanyard exclusively



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