Safe-T-Strap Industrial Anchor Strap – 2 D Rings

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Safe-T-Strap Industrial Anchor Strap – 2 D Rings


Part # FPSTSIS01

The Industrial Safe-T-Strap IS-01 is often used in industrial type work places and high-rise construction.

Due to the flexibility and durability a secure strap is provided where needed and this allows workers to tie-off quickly and conveniently.
The Industrial IS-01 can be choked around structural steel of any size or a concrete beam.
There are two D-rings on the Industrial Safe-T-Strap, one slightly smaller than the other and can be custom made.
To form a choke around structural members the small D-ring passes through the larger D-ring.
Wear and chaffing are prevented with the added protective sleeving.
To provide a specific attachment point where you need it, this easily assembled strap can be removed and reinstalled in minutes.

• Item No. IS-01 – 8 pieces per box, approx 4 ft in length
• Different lengths can be made
• Used For: I-Beams & Columns, All Buildings


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