Safe-T-Strap CSA Residential Choker Strap

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Safe-T-Strap CSA Residential Choker Strap


Part # FPSTSRC01

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Residential Fall Protection: Choker Strap

When it comes to residential fall protection solutions, the choker strap can come in handy. This safety strap is often used during the assembly of exterior walls and trusses at a residential work site. It is important to treat all projects with equal safety concern, as even those sites that appear to be the most benevolent can be the cause of terrible accidents. That’s why Safe-T-Strap aims to provide easy-to-use equipment that takes minimal effort to install, and will not cause any undue hindrance to your team of construction professionals.
The choker strap lives up to this commitment of ours to combine ease-of-use with supreme safety standards, and can be easily installed by slipping the D-ring through the loop at the opposite end. With this little effort, the strap ensures that any residential job will be completed while maintaining the utmost safety of the worker.
Application in Residential Fall Protection:

Used For: Choked around Frame or Truss, Residential & Wood.
Item No. RC-01 – With D-Ring – Approx 4 feet in length, 15 pieces per box.
Item No. RC-ND – Without D-Ring – Approx 4ft in length, 20 pieces per box


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