PEAKWORKS Restraint Lanyard

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PEAKWORKS Restraint Lanyard

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Part # FPLAN-3202-4

PEAKWORKS Restraint Lanyard 1-3/4″ Web Snap & Form Hook 4′ (1.2 M)

  • Preventing a fall is a better way of protecting workers than arresting a fall.
  • For these applications, PeakWorks has a wide selection of fall restraint lanyards. Fall restraint lanyards should never be used if there is any risk of falling.
  • Fall restraint lanyards are a fixed length connection and have no shock absorbing capability
  • These lanyards are designed to limit the distance a worker can move from the anchor point and towards the edge of the structure and should never be used when there is a risk of falling
  • PeakWorks restraint lanyards are made using two types of material – a rugged heavy-duty polyester webbing or a premium polyester rope – and with a variety of hook configurations
  • PeakWorks restraint lanyards are available in 4′ (1.2 m) and 6′ (1.8 m) lengths


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