K-GUARD Kitchen Fire Extinguishers

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K-GUARD Kitchen Fire Extinguishers

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Kitchen Fire Extinguishers

The ANSUL® K-GUARD (Class K) Fire Extinguisher is designed specifically to fight some of the toughest fires – hot greases and cooking oils in kitchens and food-prep areas. This current extinguisher model includes an increased Class-A rating from 1-A:K to 2-A:K.
The K-GUARD fire extinguisher features a simple design and easy maintenance while meeting NFPA standards.
Fight the Toughest Fires
Newer, more efficient cooking appliances, plus the use of non-saturated cooking oils, require the effective liquid agent contained in the K-GUARD fire extinguisher. ANSULEX Low pH Liquid Fire Suppressant is a specially-formulated aqueous solution that quicklyknocks down flames, forms a vapor-securing blanket and provides a cooling effect that
aids in the suppression and securement of hot cooking fuel fires. The ANSULEX agent is used in both the K-GUARD fire extinguisher and R-102 restaurant fire suppression system.
The K-GUARD fire extinguisher is the ideal fire protection choice in the kitchen and food-prep areas of restaurants, convenience stores, food courts, hospitals and school cafeterias.