FIRST AID KIT Refill For (6-15 people)

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FIRST AID KIT Refill For (6-15 people)

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Part # FAF851R000

Ontario WSIB Level 1 Refill Kit

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Our refill kit contains everything you need to replenish your 6-15 person first aid kit.

4 Gauze Rolls, 5cm X 4.5m
1 Disposable Vinyl Glove
1 Gauze Pad, 7.5 x 7.5cm, 12/bag
6 Triangular Bandages, 102 x 102 x 142cm, 1/box
1 First Aid Pocket Guide, Bilingual
1 Plastic Strip Bandage, 7.5 x 2cm, 25/bag
4 Gauze Roll, 10cm x 4.5m, Bulk
1 Compress Bandage 4/bg 4in
1 Assorted Safety Pin, 12/bag
2 Splint Padding, 12.5 x 22.5cm, 1/box
1 Wire splint, 30cm, 1/box

( Plastic case not included  See part # FAF851P240)


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