DYNAMIC Comfort-Fit Reusable Earplugs

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DYNAMIC Comfort-Fit Reusable Earplugs

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Part # EARNP104C
This DYNAMIC 4 multi flange reusable
plug is by far the softest TPE plug offered
in the market today, it provides a high
attenuation ratio of NRR 25dB. The smooth
dirt repellant surface of the plug will
prevent the plug from collecting irritating
particles that can cause injuries to the ear
canal. Easy to clean with mild soap and
water maintaining ultimate comfort to the
The corded “COMFORT-FIT” plug is
provided with a string material cord that
does not transfer sound even when rub
bing against your neck or clothing. The
cord can be removed if need be.
When not in use the plug store’s into the
reusable packet it came in.
Multiple-Flange TPE earplug.
Self-sealing flange
Provides all day comfort
Seals against hazardous noise ,water and others
Can be reused several times
unusable particles.
PreFormed stem with no rolling required
Stiffened shaft makes insertion easy and avoids
Reduces the risk of unhygienic contamination.
contact with the parts inserted into the ear.
Soft and comfortable feel on contact with the skin.
Simple insertion and hygienic removal after use


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