Aisle Marking Floor Tape

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Aisle Marking Floor Tape

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Aisle Marking Conformable Tape in many Colours

Color 1″x 108′ 2″x 108′ 3″x 108′ 4″x 108′ 6″x 108′
Safety Yellow PST110 PST210 PST310 PST410 PST610
Safety Green PST111 PST211 PST311 PST411 PST611
Emerald Green PST123 PST223 PST323 PST423 PST623
Safety Red PST112 PST212 PST312 PST412 PST612
Safety White PST113 PST213 PST313 PST413 PST613
Safety Black PST115 PST215 PST315 PST415 PST615
Safety Gray PST116 PST216 PST316 PST416 PST616
Safet Brown PST117 PST217 PST317 PST417 PST617
Safety Orange PST118 PST218 PST318 PST418 PST618
Safety Purple PST122 PST222 PST322 PST422 PST622
Safety Blue PST121 PST221 PST321 PST421 PST621
Light Blue PST124 PST224 PST324 PST424 PST624

We offer a wide selection of quality aisle marking and pipe banding tapes. Our Aisle Marking PVC (vinyl) Tapes are made from a durable vinyl film with a rubber adhesive system that will adhere to most any clean, dry surface.

Vinyl offers a matte smooth conformable tape that is great for marking hazards on floors, walls and equipment. Commonly used in aisle demarcation, colour coding and pipe banding applications.

All tapes are made in a wide array of OSHA colours that meet ANSI Z535.1 and offer excellent durability and chemical resistance.

Available 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″ & 6″ X 108′

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Safety Blue, Safety Green, Safety Orange, Safety Red, Safety White, Safety Yellow


1", 2", 3", 4", 6"


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