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Ergo Advantage Six Inch Tile

Our new 6″ tiles highlight work areas,

  • enhancing safety initiatives such as 5S & 6S programs.
  • They provide a more durable alternative to tape and paint.
  • Clear tiles allow for under mat lighting.
  • The underside leg structure provides clearance for air lines, cords, and hoses, thereby eliminating trip hazards.

ERGA7-B                Black Tile
ERGA8-B                6″ Black Tile w/Female Edge
ERGA9-B                6″ Black Tile w/Male Edge
ERGA10-B              6″ X 4″ Mini Side Female Black
ERGA11-B              6″ X 4″ Mini Side Male Black

ERGA7-Blue           6″ x 18″ Blue Tile
ERGA8-Blue           6″ Blue Tile w/Female Edge
ERGA9-Blue           6″ Blue Tile w/Male Edge

ERGA7-Clear          6″ x 18″ Clear Tile
ERGA8-Clear          6″ Clear Tile w/Female Edge
ERGA9-Clear          6″ Clear Tile w/Male Edge

ERGA7-Green        6″ x 18″ Green Tile
ERGA8-Green        6″ Green Tile w/Female Edge
ERGA9-Green        6″ Green Tile w/Male Edge

ERGA7-Orange      6″ x 18″ Orange Tile
ERGA8-Orange      6″ Orange Tile w/Female Edge
ERGA9-Orange      6″ Orange Tile w/Male Edge

ERGA7-Red            6″ x 18″ Red Tile
ERGA8-Red            6″ Red Tile w/Female Edge
ERGA9-Red            6″ Red Tile w/Male Edge

ERGA7-Yellow        6″ x 18″ Yellow Tile
ERGA8-Yellow        6″ Yellow Tile w/Female Edge
ERGA9-Yellow        6″ Yellow Tile w/Male Edge
ERGA10-Y              6″ X 4″ Mini Side Female Black
ERGA11-Y              6″ X 4″ Mini Side Male Black

ERGAG7-B             6″ x 18″ Black Grit Tile

ERGESDA7-B         6″ x 18″ Black ESD Tile


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