North® N95 Replacement Filter For 4200 Series

North® N95 Replacement Filter For 4200 Series


 Replacement Filter For 4200 Series Respirators

N95 Replacement Filters, 20/Pk

Limited Use Respirators provide long term savings and convenience. Replaceable filters last longer than disposable respirators, without the hassle of replacement parts reusable masks require.
North CFR-1 half masks are ideal for dusty environments that require frequent change out of filters. The welding version features a stainless steel mesh cover to catch sparks and slag. Both the standard and the welding version are shipped with N95 filters. R95 replacement filters are also available for use where oil may be present.
NIOSH approved N95 for use in non-oil environments, and NIOSH approved R95 for use in environments that contain oil based aerosols. R filters are restricted to 8 hours of use if used when oil is present.



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