North Non-Oil Particulate N95 Filter

North Non-Oil Particulate N95 Filter


North by Honeywell Non-Oil Particulate N95 Filter

Using an air purifying respirator with the North by Honeywell 7506N95 non-oil particulate filter provides respiratory protection against aerosols by removing dusts, mists, fumes, fibers and other particles. Filters alone do not remove gases or vapors, or correct for oxygen deficiency. End of service life for filters is determined by the increase in breathing resistance sensed by the user. When it becomes difficult to breathe comfortably, the filters should be replaced. 10 Each Per Dispenser.

  • N95 non-oil particulate filter, 95% minimum filter efficiency
  • Removes dusts, mists, fumes, fibers, and other particles
  • Does not remove gases or vapors
  • End of service life determined by user
  • 10 filters per package


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