TALUS-ColdAvenger® Classic Black-Winter Face Mask

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TALUS-ColdAvenger® Classic Black-Winter Face Mask

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ColdAvenger® Classic Black Winter Face Mask

ColdAvenger® Classic Fleece High Performance Mask

  • Classic 200 weight fleece breathes and insulates very well but is not windproof or water resistant. Great for folks who are less active or moving slower in the cold.
  • Soft medical grade and non-toxic polyurethane ventilator provides a comfortable seal while retaining its inherent microbial resistance
  • Form-fitting design protects face, neck, ears and airway from cold weather
  • ColdAvenger® ventilator allows you to breathe freely during outdoor activities while managing exhaled moisture off the facial skin
  • Fleece wicks away moisture to keep your face dry
  • Humidifies dry and cold inhaled air to protect and improve airway health in the cold
  • Keeps temperatures inside 40°F to 60°F higher than outside (difference relative to movement)
  • Designed to fit with goggles and helmets
  • Helps prevent fogging of goggles
  • Adjustable, removable interior valve allows control of air intake
  • One size fits most


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